“What a great day networking with so many great people at TransCityRail, it was expertly organised”

Alice Jennison, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Skanska

The event confirmed our belief that the rail industry is flourishing with investment and the considered expansion occurring of the rail network either through new lines or upgrading of existing links. The stakeholders and vast array of attendees we had the opportunity to engage with reinforced the benefits of attending. Conversations and interest concerning our involvement with many stations showed us that many people are concerned about security but have little knowledge of how it occurs. We await to see whether our attendance will lead to further opportunities but hope to be of benefit in the future across the industry.     

Chris Stevens, Technical Security Director, SIDOS UK Ltd

I felt it was important to participate in this event as I am part of the next generation who are going to move the rail sector forward. I wanted to understand some of the concepts around how we can make rail net zero carbon in the future, and how we can design and build sustainable railway stations. I thought the event was well organised and it had a lot of good topics, debates on offer. These events are important as they encourage networking and conversations with like-minded rail professionals who can discuss topics such as sustainability, HS2, etc.

Craig Hockenhull, Assistant Cost Manager, Infrastructure, Turner & Townsend

RTM’s generous provision of free TCR places to a select number of apprentices for National Apprenticeships Week set the tone for a fantastic event, chiefly focused on the sharing of ideas and experiences; stressing the need for resolute & innovative policy, and ultimately driving forward an inclusive and sustainable agenda – enabling our industry to best fulfil its’ fullest potential in meeting the urgent challenges faced by society today. As a relatively recent addition to the rail sector, TCR provided a unique learning and networking opportunity which I was extremely grateful for, and which will doubtlessly influence my career development in a very positive way. I wholeheartedly recommend for any lucky apprentice who has the chance to participate in any future TCR or RTM events to do so – you won’t regret it.

Daoud Hamdani, Rail Degree Apprentice - Track & Civil, Amey Consulting

I feel it was important to attend the TransCityRail Event as it allowed me to make connections with those who I'd never come across during my usual working day and see a different side to engineering. The event was brilliant as there were many different speakers covering a wide range of topics and debates where you could understand the differences in companies' views and priorities. I believe these events are important as they help you network with people; you'd otherwise not have the opportunity to expand your knowledge on relevant subjects.

Emily Bradbury, NDT Apprentice, London Underground

It was great to be part of the TransCityRail Midlands event and listen to the industry leaders on what is important right now and how we as a rail industry can come together to make sure we can give customers what they need to get people moving again in a post covid world. I felt it important to participate in the discussions to promote the importance of sustainability to our industry and what we can do to keep pushing boundaries in this area to maintain our status as the long-distance sustainable transport mode of choice.

Gareth Williams, Head of Sustainability, Avanti West Coast

This was a great event to participate in and I was pleased to be invited to get important clear messages across about the changing nature of our industry and the challenges we must face together in the current economic climate. We have an exciting commitment of investments to boost the economy on the back of the Integrated Rail Plan which we are delivering for the benefit of our customers and the environment. Collaboration was the key theme that came out of the day for me and this was especially prudent as the event bought together new entrant graduates through to experienced executives from all parts of the industry. These events provide an opportunity to share innovations and experiences to find ways to build and operate a better railway, connecting communities for our customers of today and tomorrow.

Gavin Crook, Principal Programme Sponsor, Network Rail

HAVi Technologies are delighted to be associated with TransCityRail events. From the very first discussions, the team took the time to understand our business and the role we play in shaping best practices in Health & Safety for the rail industry. The event at Birmingham was a tremendous success. A high calibre and relevant delegate list meant each conversation provided the opportunity to not only demonstrate our proposition but also to learn and understand the issues facing the industry. Many of our interactions at the event have already led to positive further engagement and collaboration. TransCityRail set the high-bar for events of this nature. Highly recommended.

Gregg Cole, Managing Director, HAVi Technologies Ltd

TransCityRail Midlands is a great event to attend if you are part of our railway industry, particularly if you are based in the Midlands. It is packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, including our industry leaders! As an SME, the conference allows you to meet with Network Rail and the Tier 1s you support and meet with many diverse and innovative suppliers. Conferences like TransCityRail Midlands ensure that we all understand the challenges facing our industry and work together to ensure that we give the best service to our passengers.

Monica Barbosa, Head of Account Development, RSS Infrastructure

Thank you TransCityRail for giving me an ideal opportunity to inform the Rail industry about Network Rail’s preparations for the Commonwealth Games. To be able to engage with the supply chain was an opportunity not to be missed. As I said during my presentation as long as the news headlines concentrate on Sport and not Transport, we will have all done our jobs.

Neil Gaskin, Route Delivery Director, Enhancements, Network Rail and Commonwealth Games Lead

I thought it was important for myself and other apprentices to attend because some companies might be new to degree apprenticeships as they are only just starting to become a big aspect of the workplace and it gives myself and others the chance to answer questions and show how fantastic and essential apprentices are, especially in the railway industry. Personally, I feel that I gained a lot of knowledge from other companies and managed to see new innovative solutions to future problems and get to ask questions to see how this could fit into future designs to help progress the industry into a more sustainable future. Further to this is, it was a great networking opportunity, and I am pleased to have met people in all aspects of the railway sector; this is something that will be helpful in my career development beyond the apprenticeship, especially given the railway industry being such a close workforce.

Nicholas Bignell, Rail Engineering Degree Apprentice, Amey Consulting

We really enjoyed attending TCR Midlands, great to meet with both existing clients and potential new customers. Having face to face conversations with industry leaders and other suppliers is critical for us to build lasting, trusted relationships. We made several new connections face to face with those we'd previously only been in contact with online, this was a great way to explore opportunities and have a broader conversation at the conference rather than a short, focused video call. We're confident that commercial opportunities and wins will result from our attendance however our main objective is to connect and build on existing relationships whilst creating new ones rather than purely focused on potential transactions. TCR plays an important part in bringing the rail industry together, sharing knowledge and enabling new relationships.

Nick Woodrow, Operations Director, Raildiary

We have attended TransCityRail North and Midlands for the last 3 years and it’s an industry event that really adds value. It’s a great event for exhibiting, networking and understanding of rail industry national and regional strategies. It’s also an event that is high on professionalism quality and consistency that other industry events do not seem to match. TransCityRail events and dates immediately go into our diaries as soon they are released.

Steve Diksa, Corporate HSQE & Sustainability Director, Bridgeway Consulting

The 3-minute elevator pitch was my first introduction to this Rail sector audience, but I do look forward to attending future events as I believe the event was well organised and had the right level attendees that Engineering Consultants like ESR need to create awareness and work with.

Raghbir Chand, MD, ESR Technology Limited

The TransCityRail Midlands gave me the opportunity to be among the 10 apprentices that attended the conference and the dinner, this gave me several opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge. It was very inspiring and motivating listening to the challenges and opportunities that the Midlands and the UK are facing in the railways within the panel discussions and the individual speakers from different disciplines, companies and backgrounds. Furthermore, the networking opportunities and the exhibition area have expanded my knowledge in future technologies and different solutions as well as widening my perspective on the overall rail industry. It was personally very inspiring to get to know so many women in different positions, who I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with and sharing opinions on different aspects of being a woman in engineering. I’m very grateful for the opportunity given and all the knowledge acquired. I’m looking forward to attending future TransCityRail conferences.

Rebecca Brenna. Railway Permanent Way Apprentice, Amey Consulting

Exhibiting at TransCityRail provides a great opportunity for clients like HS2 to network with businesses large and small across the rail industry – the very businesses who will deliver Britain’s zero-carbon high speed railway. We encourage everyone to engage with these high-quality events to connect with one another, share ideas and innovate.

Robin Lapish, Senior Supply Chain Manager, HS2

My NDT apprenticeship is for London Underground; therefore, I do not hear or see much of the other parts of the rail industry. I feel that it was highly important to attend the TransCityRail event in Birmingham because it enabled me to open my eyes, I was able to understand and become familiar with the HS2 project which I had no idea about and could tell my other colleagues about it, how it will affect us and where it’ll be. The event was very well organised, kept everyone engaged, as so it seemed. It also allowed me to network with others, such as apprentices from all over the country and other people in the NDT industry. If I were ever given a chance to attend another TransCityRail event, I would be delighted, I do think it is a great way to bring everyone together and to learn from each other.

Ruby Bratton, NDT Apprentice, London Underground

TransCityRail was a huge success as we gained new contacts in high level sustainability roles that fit our business strategy perfectly. “The contacts we made at TransCityRail have offered to assist us in introducing our products into major schemes like HS2 and further” “The TransCityRail conference itself was insightful and again offered new angels for us to pursue in the development of our business.

Sharon Meek, Head of Rail Strategy and Specification, Scott Parnell

We were delighted to be part of the leaders' debate session at the Midlands TransCityRail Conference and it was good to be back at an in-person event again. It was an informative and useful day which provided a valuable opportunity to connect with delegates and discuss some of the key issues the industry is facing. TransCityRail was an informative and useful day which provided a valuable opportunity to connect with delegates

Simon Woods Business Development Director, EQUANS

The TransCityRail events are a cornerstone of the Rail Industry where “likeminded” individuals and companies come together to network, share experiences and knowledge with an overall viewpoint that we in turn can deliver a much stronger and resilient product for our clients and the passenger. The opportunity to hear “first-hand” from Ministers and senior members of Network Rail and Tier 1 contractors, what the continued vision is for our industry and how with innovation, collaboration, equality, diversion, inclusion, sustainability in the sector will flourish.

Sue Whittall, Business Development & Tendering Manager, Lundy Projects

As an apprentice, it was interesting and important to hear the discussions about the future of the rail industry that will inevitably go on to affect myself and other apprentices who are still in the early stages of our careers. The event itself was well organised and thought through, allowing the audience to ask the panel questions through slido was key to allowing the audience to engage with the discussions. These events are vital for networking and understanding the bigger picture within the rail industry especially when focus is normally drawn to one specific discipline within the industry. Altogether, I enjoyed the event and would definitely attend again.

Tom Boyns, Degree Apprentice - Signalling Design, Siemens Mobility Limited

TransCityRail events offer a fantastic opportunity to meet with colleagues from across the Rail industry. The Midlands conference and networking dinner this year was well-attended and provided us with ample occasions to meet with clients, contractors and the wider supply chain. Whether re-establishing relationships or creating new ones, there were plenty of relevant conversations taking place about the critical issues affecting the whole Rail industry. From the impact of the Integrated Rail Plan, to net zero and regional collaboration, this is an exciting time for the Rail industry and TransCityRail events help to facilitate us coming together to find and create new solutions.

James Holmes, Rail Sector Director, Amey

It was great to meet you and the team at TransCityRail – I’ve got to say, this is by far one of the best organised events that I have spoken at.

The briefings, AV set up and interaction with the team was the epitome of professionalism.

I was keen to get involved in this event given that it was focusing on the Midlands – it provided an opportunity to showcase the significant work underway to re-imagine transport across the West Midlands.

Investment in rail is an integral part of delivering a transport network that meets the needs of our residents, businesses and visitors. It was great to see the event so well attended which allowed for good networking – something that is so important during the post-pandemic recovery. I am very pleased that you will continue to offer complimentary tickets for apprentices to attend your events in the future – a very positive step.

Thanks again for inviting me along to participate.

Sandeep Shingadia, Director of Development & Delivery, Transport for West Midlands (TfWM)